Thursday, April 30, 2009

The ups and downs of staying healthy

Sometimes it seems no matter how hard you try, how good you eat, how much you exercise and take the right supplements, sometimes your body just sends you a message. Mine is always through my teeth. My teeth are what told me I had diabetes, my teeth are what tell me something isn't right almost 99% of the time.

Well this time is no different. Over the last few months, I had been feeling tired and just plain exhausted. I took two weeks or more off just because I didn't have the energy to get on the bike.
Then I started having sinus headaches and ear aches in my right ear. Lastly, I went on a bike ride to participate in the Bike to Work week here in Tucson and participated in a difficult hill climb for 45 miles the next day. I struggled with energy and ability to keep up. The next day, Sunday, I had a bridge that came loose and then by Monday morning I lost the whole thing. Diagnosis: two cracked teeth appear to be the root cause. However, now that I have had that all fixed, a rather painful procedure that will extend up to 6 months, it was discovered I had a chronic infection in one of the teeth, which I had complained about for years but it was undetectable by I guess most xrays or other pieces of dental machinery.

So during my recovery, I have had a massive ear ache and incredible sinus pressure which appeared to be reacting to the fact that when the tooth was removed and the infection treated the antibiotics appear to be clearing up all the areas impacted or so I am hoping. However, the recovery has been less than ideal. I react to almost all pain killers with nausea, which means I am either in pain or feel severe nausea until it is all over. Yesterday I went to lay down at 2 pm got up at 5pm for 45 minutes and went back to bed until 6:30 am this morning. I had my first real food in 48 hours and it was nice to sleep in but it all gets worse by 6 pm every night. I am hopeful tonight may be different.

Either way I have been surviving on fresh fruit smoothies, protein shakes and soy ice cream. I am hoping to come out of this with renewed energy and hoping for a clean bill of health. My teeth for some reason, since I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic have become my one health weakness, even though I brush 2 - 3x a day and floss.

Anyone else have interesting issues like this?


  1. I have nothing to share on this particular subject although i have to say your blog posts are very interesting. Somedays my legs just dont want to work too and i get frustrated when i cant work out why. However when im feeling great and melting the tarmac i never ask why. I guess we have to learn to take the rough with the smoothies

  2. Sooo true. In Tucson, Az the weather turns hot pretty fast and the allergies just seem to really get to everyone. I do my best riding in the middle of winter. I love the 28 degree morning rides into work. Seriously, I feel great and no allergies... I can't get most of my friends to ride with me during that time, but if i can be out and about I will ride. Looking forward to returning to my bike next week. Cheers